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February 27, 2015
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W5YI News :
November 21, 2011HAM RADIO IN THE NEWS

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     60-Meter Changes -- New Slot, CW & PSK, 100 Watts:

New 60 meter band 5-MHz Channel List:
General, Advanced, or Amateur Extra Class license only.

Suppressed Carrier VFO Dial freq
5330.5 kHz USB (center of channel = 5332.0)
5346.5 kHz USB (center of channel = 5348.0)
5357.0 kHz USB (center of channel = 5358.5) New!
5371.5 kHz USB (center of channel = 5373.0)
5403.5 kHz USB (center of channel = 5405.0)

In response to an October 10, 2006, ARRL Petition for Rulemaking, and a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) issued May 4, 2010 -- the FCC on November 16, 2011, deleted the 60-meter channel at 5366.5 USB (center=5368.0) and "replaced" it with channel 5357.0 kHz USB (center=5358.5)

In its petition, ARRL requested that the FCC replace one of the five channels in the 60 meter band (5368 kHz) with a channel (5358.5 kHz) that NTIA has identified. ARRL based its request on reports from amateur operators of frequent interference from a digital signal on the existing authorized channel.

The maximum allowed power level is now 100 Watts PEP (ERP) effective radiated power referenced to a dipole. If another type of antenna is used, the station licensee must maintain a record of either the antenna manufacturer’s data on the antenna gain or calculations of the antenna gain.

Upper SideBand Phone, Data, or RTTY transmissions may use dial (VFO) USB suppressed carrier frequency at 1.5-kHz below the center of the channel.

Transmissions must not exceed the 2.8-kHz bandwidth channel. RTTY modes such as PSK31 must not exceed 60-Hz necessary bandwidth. Data modes must not exceed 2.8-kHz bandwidth. CW bandwidth must not exceed 150-Hz bandwidth and the CW frequency should be at the center of the channel.

Data stations operating under section § 97.221 automatically controlled digital station, are not allowed on these 5-MHz channels.

Action by the FCC, by Report & Order, Adopted: November 16, 2001. (Released: November 18.)

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