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February 17, 2018
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W5YI News :
February 12, 2018NCVEC RELEASES 2ND ERRATA TO 2018-2022 TECH POOL

UPDATED February 12, 2018

The NCVEC Question Pool Committee hereby releases into public domain the 2018-2022 Technician, Element 2, Question pool.

Errata #2 Released February 12, 2018

The following changes are reflected in NEW download files dated 2 12 2018.

T1B06 (B) Modified Distractors B.,C., and D.

T1B06 (B) - On which HF bands does a Technician class operator have phone privileges?

B. 10 meter band only

C. 80 meter, 40 meter, 15 meter and 10 meter bands

D. 30 meter band only

T1B07 - Modified Question; changed "frequencies" to frequency ranges

T1B10-Modified all distractors;

A. 10 meter, 12 meter, 17 meter, and 40 meter bands

B. 10 meter, 15 meter, 40 meter, and 80 meter bands

C. 30 meter band only

D. 10 meter band only

T1B12 - Distractor C; should read 500 "watts"

T1E02 - Distractor A and C; should be Amateur Extra "Class"

T1E09 - Distractor D; corrected to All "of" these choices are correct

T2A01 - Distractors A and D; Mhz corrected to "MHz" in both

T2A03 - Distractors A and D; Mhz corrected to "MHz" in both

T2A11 - Modified Question, new wording

T2A11 What term describes an amateur station that is transmitting and receiving on the same frequency?

T2B06 - Modified distractor C. Changed Echolink to C. EchoLink

T2C07 - Distractor D; Corrected to All of "these" choices are correct

T3A07 - Distactor D; changed to Ferromagnetic

T3A12 - Modifed question: How might fog and light rain affect radio range on the 10 "meter and" 6 "meter bands"?

Distractor D; Should read "Fog" and Rain.

T3C06 - Correct answer modified A. Tropospheric ducting

T3C06 - Modified B. removed hyphen in D layer

T3C06 - Modified C. removed hyphen in F2 layer

T3C07 - Modified all distractors

A. 10 meter band

B. 6 meter band

C. 2 meter band

D. 70 centimeter band

T3C10 - Modifed distractor A.,B., and C.

A. 6 or 10 meter bands

B. 23 centimeter band

C. 70 centimeter or 1.25 meter bands

T4A01 - Modified Question wording; "transceiver", removed "'s"

T4A01 - Distractor D; Corrected to All of these "choices" are correct

T4A06 - Distractor D: capitalized "DC"

T4B Modified Syllabus topics; removed repeater offsets, added "transceiver operation"

T4B11 - DELETED Question.

Renumbered last 3 questions in section T4B;

T4B12 to T4B11

T4B13 to T4B12

T4B14 to T4B13

T5C13 - Modified Question; What is a unit of impedance?

T5D06 - Distractor D: changed 8 Ohms to "8 ohms"

T8B04 - Question wording and all distractors modified to;

T8B04 (D) What mode of transmission is commonly used by amateur radio satellites?



C. CW/data

D. All of these choices are correct

T8C10 - Glogal Modified term Echolink to EchoLink in question and all distractors

T8D07 - Modified Question; Removed "or Digital Migration Radio"

T0B02 - Distractor D: Removed "the" before the word these.

~~ End of Second Errata Released February 12 ,2018~~

The NCVEC Question Pool Committee Public Released the 2018-2022 FCC Element 2 Technician Class Question Pool on January 8, 2018
and Released the following errata to the Pool files
January 12, 2018

The following changes are reflected in the download files dated 01122018.

T1F11-Distractor A; Typo change word They to The

T4A01- Change to correct answer; Correct answer is D

T5B13-Distractor A; Typo change GHZ to GHz

T6A07-Modified Question; What electrical component is usually constructed as a coil of wire?

T8C8-Distractor A; Typo change VOIP to VoIP

The NCVEC Question Pool Committee hereby released into public domain the 2018-2022 Technician Class, Element 2, Question pool.
This pool becomes effective for all Element 2 license examinations administered on July 1, 2018 and is valid until June 30, 2022.

Files containing the question pool are available in PDF (Portable Document Format), Microsoft Word .DOC format, and .TXT format.
Three figures are used in the pool, and these are available as separate .jpeg and .pdf files.

Users of the pool documents are free to correct minor typographical and punctuation errors, including obvious minor omissions. Such corrections must not cause a change in the meaning of a question or any of the proposed answers to the questions. Also, since rule citation references are not part of the questions themselves and are included only to assist when looking up the applicable section of the rules, errors in the reference identifiers are not considered adequate reason for removal of a question from the pool.

Members of the 2017-2018 Question Pool Committee:

Chairman - Rol Anders - K3RA, Laurel VEC

Perry Green - WY1O, ARRL-VEC
Ralph Roberts - W5VE, WCARS-VEC
Larry Pollock - NB5X, W5YI-VEC
Jim Wiley - KL7CC, Anchorage-VEC
Contributions: Tom Rider - W6JS, GEARS-VEC


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