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March 28, 2015
Resources for Amateur and Commercial Radio
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Catalog : Product Details
Worldwide Listening Guide - 2014
The Worldwide Listening Guide NEW 2014 6TH EDITION AVAILABLE NOW ! This is not your grandfathers radio guide. The Worldwide Listening Guide by John A. Figliozzi. Completely NEW 6th Edition for 2014. A 160 page comprehensive guide to international shortwave listening, AM-FM, Digital, Analog, Internet, Live, and WiFi radio. Find what can be heard how, when and where. The most comprehensive guide yet for the radio listener in the digital age... The WWLG focuses on listening to, from and in North America. Analog shortwave beamed to North America from all over the world. Digital Radio and Internet Streaming via WiFi, satellite radio, AM/FM broadcasts. If it's on radio, analog, digital or otherwise, you can find it using this guide. Dates, Schedules, Station ID, Program Name, Frequency/Platform type are all listed in the most up-to-date radio listening guide available. - All new for 2014
Price: $ 24.95
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