May 23, 2018
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VE Manual : VEC Manual Table Of Contents
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1. Introduction to the VE/VEC System
1.1 The Mechanism of Amateur Testing
1.2 The Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC)
1.3 The Volunteer Examiner (VE)
2. The W5YI-VEC Program
2.1 The Contact VE
2.2 The Volunteer Examiner
VE Application Statement.
2.3 W5YI-VEC Policies
Written Test Policy
Expense Reimbursement
Allowable Expenses
Rule Books, Question Pools and Manuals
Communicating with the W5YI-VEC Office
3. The Exam Session from Start to Finish
3.1 A Short Overview of the Exam Process
3.2 Organizing an Exam Session
Establishing an Exam Team
Setting up an Examination Session
3.3 Conducting an Exam
Registering Applicants
Administering and Grading the Exams
3.4 Tabulating the Exam Results
Certify the NCVEC Form 605's
Manifest of Applicants
4. Filling Out the NCVEC Form 605
4.1 Section 1 (Filled out by the applicant)
4.2 Section 2 (Filled out by the VEs)
Amateur License Requirements
Technician License Credits
Section Removed
4.3 Examination Element Credit
4.4 Defective Applications
4.5 Amateur Station Vanity Call Sign System
5. The Written Exam
5.1 Administering Written Exams
5.2 Making Your Own Written Exams
5.3 Written Exam Requirements
5.4 Preparing a Written Examination
5.5 Question Pool Topics
5.6 Questions in Pools and Exams
5.7 Preparing your own written examinations
6.0 Section Removed
6.1 Section Removed
6.2 Section Removed
6.3 Section Removed
6.4 Section Removed
7. Grading Examinations
7.1 Written Examination Grading
Questions Needed to Pass, Fail
7.2 Section Removed
7.3 Instant Upgrade & Examination Credit
CSCE Element Credit
Element Credit Based on Holding a License
Temporary Operating Authority
Special Identifiers
8.0 Processing the Paperwork
8.1 Applications for New/Upgraded Licenses
NCVEC Form 605 Handling
Attachments to the NCVEC Form 605
8.2 The Exam Session Report
Certificates of Successful Completion (CSCE)
Manifest of Applicants
Volunteer Examiner's Certification
8.3 The Final Checklist
Mail via First Class
8.4 Retention of Records
8.5 Electronic Filing of Applications
VE to VEC Electronic Filing
Obtaining a New Call Sign
Transmitting Sessions of W5YI-VEC
9. Miscellaneous Topics
9.1 Design of the Questions Pools
9.2 Question Pool Revision Schedule
9.3 Question Pool Numbering System
9.4 Testing of the Handicapped
9.5 Maintaining Examination Integrity
9.6 Distribution of Study Material, Teaching Classes
9.7 Be Familiar with FCC Part 97 Rules
10. W5YI-VE to VEC Electronic Filing
11. FCC Part 97, Amateur Service Rules - Index
12. The Telecommunications Act of 1996
13.0 Samples of Completed Forms
Certificate of Successful Completion of Exam
Manifest of Applicants
14. Available Question Pools

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