March 18, 2018
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VE Manual : Preface

Since the Federal Communications Commission released rules in 2007 that removed CW - Morse Code as a testing requirement from ALL Amateur license examinations in the United States, there have been few if any rule changes that impacted the VEC Program.

Currently there are three license classes that require only written examinations:

Element 2: 35 question written test for a Technician License. Pool effective 7/01/14 to 6/30/18 .....passing score for written exam is 26 questions answered correctly
Element 3: 35-question written test for a General license.Pool effective 7/01/15 to 6/30/19....passing score for written exam is 26 questions answered correctly
Element 4: 50-question written test for an Amateur Extra license. Pool effective 7/01/16 to 6/30/20....passing score for written exam is 37 questions answered correctly

Effective July 21, 2014, a new Report and Order, WT Docket 12-283; FCC 14-74, changes several FCC rules of the VEC Program.

As previously was the case, 97.505 (a) (4) currently licensed Technician Class applicants with an old Technician Class operator license dated before March 21, 1987 automatically qualify for a General Class (Element 3)license without further testing. They must bring their old license document (or other evidence) to a VE exam session, pay the session fee, to "paper upgrade" the current license without examination.
The NEW ruling permits element credit to applicants that can prove that they previously held a now expired Amateur Extra - to receive credit for elements 3 and 4, and applicants that held a now expired Advanced Class - receives credit for element 3 and expired General receives Element 3 credit. All applicants must still pass an Element 2 exam and qualify for a Technician license.

The administering VEs must give credit as specified below to an examinee holding any of the following license grants:

                                    Unexpired (or     Expired and beyond
         Operator class           within the renewal   renewal the grace
                                    grace period)                 period
(1) Amateur Extra..............  Not applicable.....   Elements 3 and 4.
(2) Advanced; General; or        Elements 2 and 3...   Element 3.
 Technician granted before
 March 21, 1987.
(3) Technician Plus; or          Element 2..........   No credit.
 Technician granted on or after
 March 21, 1987.

VEs frequently accept documentation to show an individual was a licensee and, therefore, is eligible for examination credit.  For example, VEs accept copies of old licenses, license verification letters from the
Commission and Callbook Magazine listings that show the applicant was licensed at the required license level to receive element credit.
(b) The administering VEs must give credit to an examinee holding a CSCE for each element the CSCE indicates the examinee passed within the previous 365 days. 

Additional NEW Regulations (Sec. 97.507, 97.509 and 97.513) effective July 21, 2014:
97.507 Preparing an examination.
(a)  Each written question set administered to an examinee must be prepared by a VE holding an Amateur Extra Class operator license.
A written question set may also be prepared for the following elements by a VE holding an operator license of the class indicated:

§ 97.509  Administering VE requirements (c)  Each administering VE must observe the examinee throughout the entire examination.  The administering VEs are responsible for the proper conduct and necessary supervision of each examination.  The administering VEs must immediately terminate the examination upon failure of the examinee to comply with their instructions.
(f) No examination that has been compromised shall be administered to any examinee.  The same question set may not be re-administered to the same examinee.

§ 97.513 VE session manager requirements. (b)  The VE session manager may carry on liaison functions between the VE team and the coordinating VEC.

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