May 27, 2018
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VE Manual : 1.2 The Volunteer Examiner Coordinator (VEC)
VECs have been given certain duties and responsibilities and have been granted certain authority by the FCC to:
* Recruit and accredit Volunteer Examiners and issue accreditation documents
* Coordinate examination sessions with VEs
* Inform VEs of changes to the examination process
* Provide a source of amateur license testing materials for its VEs
* Provide necessary test session forms such as NCVEC Form 605s, Certificates of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCEs), Manifest of Applicants, etc.
* Collect and archive successful candidates application forms, license copies, answer sheets, CSCE and test results
* Prepare and maintain records of all test sessions per FCC Instructions
* Screen, approve and forward the successful applications for amateur licenses, either on paper form, computer disk or electronically, to the FCC
* Resolve defects in NCVEC Form 605s made by applicants and/or Volunteer Examiners
* Invalidate a test session and disaccredit Volunteer Examiners if the need arises. The W5YI-VEC may disaccredit a VE for any reason - or for no reason at all. All VEs agree to this provision as part of their accreditation application.
* Assist in the development and/or revision of test pool questions
* Evaluate test questions to ensure clarity and accuracy and forward recommendations to the VECs Question Pool Committee. The QPC is a panel of VECs who are elected annually at the National VEC Conference to develop and revise all written license examination questions.
* Determine the amount of out-of-pocket reimbursement expenses for each year

NOTE: VECs are no longer required to forward VE or VEC expense certification documents to the FCC at year end since this requirement was discontinued by the FCC in 1996.

Although VECs must recruit and accredit Volunteer Examiners, they are under no obligation to accredit any particular amateur into their examining program. (see 97.525) VEs, once accredited, may be separated from the program for any reason or for no reason at all. A W5YI-VE candidate must advise a VEC if he or she was denied acceptance into, or was separated from, any other VEC testing program. Failure to notify a VEC of these circumstances is grounds for immediate dismissal from the program. The W5YI-VEC may elect to arbitrarily separate a VE from W5YI-VE testing program based on the dismissal or suspension of that VE by another VEC, any complaint received or knowledge of a complaint regarding any appearance of impropriety by the administering examiners.

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