April 20, 2018
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VE Manual : 2.2 The Volunteer Examiner
General, Advanced and Extra Class radio amateurs may be accredited as Volunteer Examiners and may form examination teams

Accredited General Class VEs may certify only applications for examinees administered the Technician (Element 2) examination. A General Class VE's serial number is appended with the letter "G"

Accredited Advanced Class VEs may certify only applications for examinees administered the Technician (Element 2), General (Element 3) examination. An Advanced Class VE's serial number is appended with the letter "A".

Accredited Extra Class VEs may certify all applications of examinees administered the Technician (Element 2), General (Element 3), Extra Class (Element 4) examination.

To be a VE under our program, mail a VE application form along with a photocopy of your current FCC General, Advanced or Extra Class license. You may request a VE application, by phone, mail, or online by filling out the application request form for a Volunteer Examiner Application.

The FCC does not allow VECs to accredit VEs until their operator license grant appears in the FCC database. The accreditation will be mailed in a couple of weeks after receipt and is valid for an indefinite time period.

All accredited CVE (Contact VE Team Leaders) must update their accreditation every 2 years and/or upon renewal of their FCC license.. The W5YI-VEC will contact each CVE periodically to update information on their active VE team members and renew their accreditation. Active CVEs will receive a newly-dated ID card with each renewal of their accreditation.

If a CVE has been totally inactive for a period of two years, accreditation with the W5YI-VEC will be suspended and the CVE contacted by mail to determine their intention to remain active or be dropped as a CVE ...even if he/she continues to meet the statutory prerequisites as a VE.

Although anyone that is qualified may apply for VE status, the W5YI-VEC accredits volunteer exam teams ...rather than indiscriminately accrediting individuals who may or may not participate in examination sessions. Ideally, VE applications submitted for examiner status should be sponsored by an existing active CVE Team Leader to become part of that testing team. However a VE may be part of as many different teams as they wish, but must remain active to maintain their accreditation.

Contact Volunteer Examiners (CVE) should submit new VE applications of prospective team members and maintain an updated roster of their team with our office. A CVE may accept or not accept the VE services of anyone. CVEs must not use the services of any VE whose past status is questionable or who has had their operator license suspended or revoked. (See 97.509(a)(4))

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