March 18, 2018
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VE Manual : Retesting
There is no waiting period to retake a failed examination with W5YI-VEC; we permit applicants to retake failed examinations immediately. At the option of the VE team, this may be accomplished one or more times at the same test session. If the applicant requests additional (a second, third, or more) exams, it is up to the exam team, not the applicant to decide if a retest will be given.

NOTE: An applicant may NOT be given an examination identical to one previously failed. See 97.509(f).

Applicants immediately retaking failed examinations must pay another test fee since it is considered another test session. The second test fee (like the first) is good for as many exam elements as the applicant goes on to pass. The decision is up to the VE team.

For example, an applicant is charged the fee for taking Element 2 and fails it, but then requests a retest. If the VE team agrees that the applicant could reasonably pass another exam, a second exam fee is charged. This time the applicant passes Element 2 and then requests Element 3. The Element 3 exam is covered under the second test fee and may be administered at no charge. To extend the example, suppose the applicant now fails Element 3. It will require both the agreement of the exam team and another test fee to administer another Element 3 exam to the applicant.

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