May 27, 2018
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VE Manual : 3.2 Organizing an Exam Session
Choose an Examination Team

Any three or more W5YI-VEC accredited VEs may be chosen to make up an exam team (see Chapter 2). Once at least three VEs are selected, a test session may be planned. We ask that our VE teams conduct at least four examination sessions per year. It is not necessary that the test session be sponsored by an amateur club or other group.

Select a Contact VE

A Contact VE (CVE) -- or Session Manager -- must be chosen as our liaison to the VE team. Usually this will be the individual who requests to conduct examination sessions on a continuing basis. The CVE is responsible for heading up the test session and for test material security. He/she must be certain that the test location, needed exam materials, and VEs are available when needed ...and that all W5YI-VEC and FCC testing rules are followed.

The CVE must ensure that every VE on the team is accredited and is qualified to administer the appropriate class of license exam. ( See 97.509(b) (A General Class VE may administer only Element 2, an Advanced VE may administer Elements 2 and 3 and an Extra Class VE may administer Elements 2, 3 and 4.) The CVE should ask to see a VE's accreditation documents and accreditation number if not certain of a VE's status. We must invalidate a test session if three properly accredited VEs are not in attendance and observing the exam session from start to finish.

Select a test site

Preferably, all exam sessions are to be held in a public meeting room or facility, such as a library, church, fraternal organization, or school room. Although a person's home may be used, approval must be obtained from W5YI-VEC and prior notification to our office is required. Sometimes a firm such as a bank, utility company, etc. will allow their facilities to be used on a weekend or evening when they are not normally in use. Some VE teams administer exams before a monthly club meeting.
Applicants may be examined at a hamfest, but they must not be required to purchase a ticket to be examined. The only fee an applicant is required to pay is the current established examination fee.

Set a registration deadline

The registration deadline is the date by which applicants must notify the VE team that they will attend an exam. In general, the deadline should be the same day as the test session to allow for walk-in license upgrade candidates. We strongly recommend that you allow walk-in candidates. It is not necessary that the W5YI-VEC Office be notified in advance of the date of your examination session.

Publicize the examination

As of December 15, 2006, the FCC by rule making no longer requires that the date, location and time of a test session be publicized. (See 97.509(a)) Although a public announcement is no longer necessary, we encourage VE teams to promote attendance at testing sessions by making the public aware of normally scheduled testing sessions. This may be in any form including a club newsletter, an announcement on a local repeater, or a posted handbill at a local ham equipment supplier. Even if testing is not open to the public, such as a special exam for a handicapped individual or a graduating ham radio class, we suggest that you promote your sessions by public announcement.

The W5YI-VEC maintains a database of all accredited Contact VE Team Leaders on our web site at: http://www.w5yi-vec.org/exam_locations_ama.phpl. Your exam session schedule may be sent via electronic mail to: w5yi-vec@w5yi.org

It may be also mailed to: W5YI-VEC
POB 200065
Arlington, TX 76006-0065

or by fax to: 817-548-9594.

We will refer applicants to your testing team by location / zip code and instruct them to contact you directly to preregister or appear at a normally scheduled session. The following is the information to report to us:

Date of exam session
City and state
Telephone number of CVE
Name and call sign of CVE

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