May 27, 2018
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VE Manual : 3.3 Conducting an Exam
Register the Applicants

FCC guidelines require that two identification documents be inspected on all applicants. If at all possible, at least one of them should be a state driver's license with a photograph on it. Although rare, some people have tried posing as another person to pass an exam for them. After the VE team is satisfied that each applicant has been positively identified, the applicant's name, call sign (if any) and telephone number should be recorded on the Manifest of Applicants.

Be certain to advise applicants of the mandatory fee. Each applicant must be charged the currently established full test fee. Since both the VE team and the VEC Office have expenses that must be paid, both share the test fees. The test fee is charged even if the candidate fails the test or pays in advance and fails to appear for the exam. See Chapter 8. Processing the Paperwork for further information.

Fill Out NCVEC Form 605

Each applicant should fill out Section 1 of an NCVEC Form 605. Be aware that only the July 2007 or newer version of the NCVEC Form 605 may be used. This form is available from the VEC Office at a nominal cost for 50 or 100 copies. The NCVEC 605 Form may also be downloaded and printed locally. If you print them yourself we prefer that it be printed on "buff" or "ivory" color paper rather than white paper.

Perhaps the most important of all the administrative chores is the proper completion of the NCVEC Form 605 application. The greatest cause of VE exam session errors (and license delay) by far is defective NCVEC Form 605s. The next chapter, 4. Filling Out the NCVEC Form 605, gives all the details.

Administer the Exams

Use a quiet, distraction-free room for your exams. The written exams for different license classes may be administered simultaneously. See Chapter 5: The Written Exam

Grade the Exams

As each individual completes a test element, it should be brought to the VE team for grading. We recommend that applicants leave the room or sit somewhere away from the exam team while they grade applicant answer sheets. When the results are in, tell each person whether they passed or failed and how many questions they missed. See Chapter 7. Grading Examinations.

Fill Out the CSCE's

Those who pass one or more test elements are given a Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) indicating the element(s) they passed and the license class qualified. The VEs certifying the NCVEC Form 605 must also be the ones who certify the CSCE. See Processing the Paperwork.

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