May 27, 2018
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VE Manual : 4.3 Examination Element Credit

All VEs should be aware of the Part 97 Rules as applies to examination element credit. These rules will be found in 97.505.

The new updated Element Credit regulations (Sec. 97.505) that are effective February 23, 2007:

97.505 Element credit.

(a) The administering VEs must give credit as specified below to an examinee holding any of the following license grants or license documents:

(1) An unexpired (or expired but within the grace period for renewal) FCC-granted Advanced Class operator license grant: Elements 2 and 3.

(2) An unexpired (or expired but within the grace period for renewal) FCC-granted General Class operator license grant: Elements 2 and 3.

(3) An unexpired (or expired but within the grace period for renewal) FCC-granted Technician or Technician Plus Class operator (including a Technician Class operator license granted before February 14, 1991) license grant: Element 2.

(4) An expired FCC-issued Technician Class operator license document granted before March 21, 1987: Element 3.

(5) A CSCE: Each element the CSCE indicates the examinee passed within the previous 365 days.

(b) No examination credit, except as herein provided, shall be allowed on the basis of holding or having held any other license grant or document.

Proof required to obtain examination credit: The W5YI-VEC will accept any reasonable evidence that an applicant was licensed as of a specific date. Normally a copy of an original FCC license grant should be provided. The FCC will issue a verification - Proof License Letter for old licenses no longer retained in the current ULS database. A copy of that letter, not the original should be attached to the 605 application. Other evidence or documentation may include (but is not limited to) a CSCE copy or original, an old license copy, a page from an a Radio- Amateur's Callbook, a printout from an old electronic database such as the 1993 QRZ database published to the Internet, etc.

IMPORTANT: The exam team must make sure that copies of ALL documents used for element credit are legible and stapled to the back of the applicant's NCVEC Form 605 application, including:

  • CSCEs used for element credit. VEs are required to accept all valid Certificates of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCEs) issued by other VEC organizations. a CSCE is valid for only 365 days following examination.
  • Old license copies, printouts of Callbook pages, etc
  • Amateur licenses used for examination credit.

An amateur with a license that has been expired more than two years must retake all examinations (except as noted above) and will receive a new station call sign. The "grace period" ONLY applies to exam credit, not operating privileges. Applicants with expired licenses may not operate an amateur station until their new license arrives.

If the applicant did not pass all elements necessary to upgrade, the exam team should fill out Section 2, checking the box "NO NEW LICENSE OR UPGRADE WAS EARNED" and return the NCVEC Form 605 to the applicant.

Fill out a 3-Part CSCE form for each passing/upgrading applicant The PINK copy of each CSCE (not the WHITE original) should be stapled to the reverse reverse side of the NCVEC Form 605 forwarded to the VEC. It is advisable that the applicant always retain the original, and a copy of all CSCEs in the event they are needed later to prove a previously passed test element.

Be certain to forward all answer sheets of upgrading applicants to W5YI-VEC for examinations passed at your test session. These written test answer sheets should be attached (paper-clipped - NOT stapled) to the back of the Form 605.

Date of Examination Session
Enter the examination session date in MM-DD-YY format (e.g. 02-05-00).

Exam session location
Enter the city and state of the test site (or other geographical area including the country if outside of the U.S.)

VEC Organization
You must enter the name "W5YI-VEC".

VE receipt date
Leave this line blank. This box is used by W5YI-VEC to date-stamp the NCVEC Form 605.

Certification Section
This is the most important section of the NCVEC Form 605. Without three accredited VE certifications an applicant cannot upgrade. Each accredited Volunteer Examiner must PRINT his/her name and call sign in blue or black ink and SIGN AND DATE in the appropriate place. Photocopies or rubber stamps of signatures will NOT be accepted. VE accreditation numbers should be entered next to each name so that we can easily check their accreditation status (General or Advanced class VEs must append the letter "G" or "A" after their VE number).

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