March 18, 2018
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VE Manual : 4.4 Defective Applications
Defective Form 605 applications cause delays and an unbelievable amount of time-consuming work and expense for everyone. Since each application must be checked by each of the three VEs signing it, no application forms with errors should ever be forwarded to the VEC for processing. Every box on the 605 from should be checked, double checked and triple checked. VEs consistently lax in the review process that result in routine errors may have their accreditation removed.

Applications that are received in our office with errors in Section 1 must be forwarded to the applicant for correction and will result in a long delay in license issuance. Errors by VEs in Section 2 will be resolved with the appropriate Contact VE and the applicant will be notified of the delay. If a VE team has issued a Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination in error, the Contact VE will be instructed to amend it or rescind and recover it.

We STRONGLY RECOMMEND that a VE team meeting be held just prior to the actual testing to go over each point covered in these instructions. Contact VEs should routinely require their VEs to read and be thoroughly familiar with the instructions contained herein. These detailed instructions are a result of thousands of sessions being conducted under the W5YI-VEC program. Just about every testing situation that might arise is covered. There is no excuse for any VE on any team not knowing the proper testing procedures.

We expect CVE's to go over the instructions contained herein with their team since not every VE has access to the Internet and these instructions. Additional copies of the VE Manual should be provided to all team members by the CVE. The VE Manuals can be purchased for a nominal cost and be paid for as suppiles out of expense reimbursement funds received from testing fees.

We are available by telephone at 800-669-9594 to answer any question that you might have (please see Chapter 2 for telephone number and availability). We do not accept collect telephone calls.

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