May 27, 2018
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VE Manual : VE Application Statement
I am a currently licensed:___General Class, ____ Advanced Class;___ Extra Class amateur radio operator and wish to participate in the W5YI-VEC Amateur Radio operator Volunteer Examination program. I have never had my station or operator license revoked or suspended, nor have I ever been disaccredited or refused accreditation by another VEC. I am at least 18 years old.

I am familiar with the FCC Rules concerning Amateur Radio operator license testing as indicated in Title 47 CFR, Part 97, Subpart F. I agree to conduct all amateur radio examinations in accordance with these Rules and the procedures established by the W5YI-VEC.

I understand that failure to comply with these procedures could result in my being separated from the W5YI-VEC Volunteer Examination program. Serious violations of the FCC Rules may result in suspension or revocation of my amateur operator/primary station license.

I understand the relationship between the VE and VEC is one of responsibility and trust. Each of us is free to terminate that relationship at any time and for any (or no) reason or circumstance.

I agree to accept the decisions of the VEC and to release them from any liability associated with those decisions.

Signed: ___________________________________________

Station Call Sign:________________ Date:_______________

No examinations may be administered without three W5YI-VEC accredited VEs (see exception below). Both large and small test sessions (as few as a single applicant) may be conducted. It is the responsibility of the CVE to ensure that the other VEs are accredited with W5YI-VEC as part of their team. CVEs should not use any VE whose past status as a VE is questionable.

EXCEPTION: If a team holds an exam and three W5YI-VEC accredited VEs are not available for some unforeseen reason, a VE currently accredited under another VEC program may be used. IMPORTANT: A photocopy of their current accreditation document , amateur license and a copy of a completed W5YI-VE application must be attached with the test session documents or the exams will be invalidated and return all NCVEC Form 605 applications to the VE team without action.

VEs must not be related (by blood or marriage) to any applicant they examine (see 97.509(d)). Applicants who are relatives of VEs or the CVE must have their exams selected and/or designed by non-related VEs. Related VEs or CVEs must not know which examinations will be administered to relatives and should be excused from the testing room during an exam. Exams for the related applicants should be generated by computer software at the session and pre-printed paper exams should not be administered. It is very important that no one perceive that any applicant has an increased chance of passing an exam due to knowing a VE.

Handicapped General, Advanced and Extra Class VEs may be utilized if, in the opinion of the Contact VE, they are able to properly carry out the duties of a VE as outlined in Part 97, Subpart F. The CVE is under no obligation to accept the services of any VE.

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