May 27, 2018
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VE Manual : 5.1 Administering Written Exams
The testing area for written exams should be as free as possible from distractions. Have the applicants sit as far from each other as is practical to avoid distracting each other and to preclude cheating. Give them instructions such as how to fill out the answer sheets, no talking to others, no books or study materials within the test area, etc. Calculators (with memories cleared) are allowed. Give only one test element at a time if the applicant plans on taking more than one. Grade one test before giving another.

Written exam elements should be administered to applicants in ascending order of difficulty. If a candidate fails a written element, no additional written elements should be administered. Generic answer sheets are permitted but we suggest use of the printed answer sheet generated from the W5YI-VEC software.

Applicants must turn off their handi-talkies during a test and they cannot leave the room once a test has started until all their test materials have been turned over to the VE team. Be especially alert for "crib sheets" (scraps of paper with answers to previous examinations), or any other form of cheating. ALL VEs are responsible for ensuring test session integrity.

If your team’s instructions are not followed or if any signs of cheating are seen, §Part 97.509(c) requires that you terminate the individual’s exam immediately. VEs should constantly watch applicants during the test-taking process, preferably from the back of the room. As each exam is completed, collect all test papers (including any scratch paper) and grade them (see Chapter 7). It is a good idea to put all papers belonging to an applicant (the NCVEC Form 605 any answer sheets, etc.) into a single folder for the duration of the exam session.

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