May 27, 2018
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VE Manual : 5.5 Question Pool Topics
Questions from each sub-element are contained in the various Amateur Radio Service written examinations. The sub-element number follows the Element designation in the question number. For example: A question in the General question pool might start with "G3", meaning that this is a General Class (Element 3) question on Radio Wave Propagation, topic "3". An Extra Class question might start with the prefix "E4", indicating that this is an Extra Class (Element 4) question on Amateur radio practices, topic "4".

Topic: Subelement Description:
1 FCC Rules for the Amateur Radio Service
2 Amateur station operating procedures
3 Radio wave propagation characteristics of amateur frequency bands
4 Amateur Radio practices
5 Electrical principles as applied to amateur station equipment
6 Amateur station equipment circuit components
7 Practical circuits employed in amateur station equipment
8 Signals and emissions transmitted by amateur stations
9 Amateur station feedlines and antennas
0 Radiofrequency environmental safety practices at an amateur station

Sub-element 10 (designated as "zero" [0] in the question pool numbering scheme) is a new topic added in 1998 as a result of the FCC's updated RF safety standards. Currently there were only 9 topic areas in the Element 4 question pool that expired 6/30/08. Subsequent Element 4 question pools have 10 subtopic areas.

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