May 27, 2018
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VE Manual : 7.1 Written Examination Grading
As each person finishes an exam, collect all their papers, including any scratch paper. Immediately grade all exams and advise applicants only of the percentage of questions answered correctly and not the specific questions incorrectly answered. Do not return the answer sheets to the applicant. Keep these in your records if they are not submitted to our office. Answer sheets (but not the text selected from the question pools) of new and upgrading candidates must either be forwarded to us along with other test session paperwork or retained by the test team (see Chapter 8).

Retain records indicating versions and/or serial numbers of the actual written/code tests administered at your test session. Records must be kept so that a different test may be administered if the applicant retakes a failed exam. FCC rules prohibit re-administering the same question set or telegraphy exam elements to applicants. (See § 97.509(f) Be certain to protect all testing materials against disclosure.

You and your fellow VEs are the sole judges of the correctness of an applicant’s answers. This is NOT a VEC responsibility. If an applicant gives an answer that does not agree with the answer key but all VEs agree that the response was not in error, collectively the VEs have the authority to credit the answer as correct. Typographical errors are possible that may invalidate correct answers indicated in the question pool. Final authority has been given to the VEs, not the VEC, to maintain test integrity.

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