May 27, 2018
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VE Manual : 7.3 Instant Upgrade and Examination Credit

VEs must issue a Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) to each candidate who scores a passing grade on one or more written tests. (See 97.509(f) The format for these certificates is provided by W5YI-VEC. VE teams are not permitted to make up their own CSCEs. VEs of other VEC organizations are required to accept valid original CSCEs issued by your team. Each Certificate issued must be signed by three VEs. (See the example in the Appendix.)

VEs must use our current 3-part NCR CSCE form. These forms are available for re-order using your CVE Supply Order From or by calling the VEC office at 800-669-9594. For security reasons it is VERY important that all 3 copies be accounted for if any CSCE is voided or destroyed.

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