April 20, 2018
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VE Manual : Manifest of Applicants

The name, call sign and telephone number (including area code) of every applicant administered an examination at a test session (or upgrades without taking an examination) are listed on the Manifest. The applicable "pass/fail" boxes are checked indicating the exams attempted and their results. (Enter the letter "C" if credit is claimed for a specific exam element without examination.)

Two (or more) Manifest sheets are completed if there is not enough room for all applicants on one Manifest. The totals from the form(s) are recorded on the first sheet, along with the signatures of the VE team. This short-form Manifest serves as a list of the VEs who assisted at your exam session, a test session summary, and a pass/fail/credit record by test element of each applicant (in the event a session packet goes astray) and allows us to identify issuance of CSCEs. A properly completed Manifest of Applicants is shown here.

Helpful ideas: Although not required, if the Manifest is recopied by hand in alphabetical order by applicant last names, both W5YI and the VE team will have an easier time referencing names on the Manifest. (Note: If your VE team uses the W5YI-VE software described in Chapter 10 to fill out the Manifest, it automatically prints names in alphabetical order.
Also just as handy but not required, putting the submitted 605s in the same order as they appear in the Manifest saves us time when we process a test session.

Applicants who are retested (if any) are listed at least twice (each retest listed separately) and are charged an additional exam fee for each retest. (See Retesting, in Section 2.3).

Check the "UPGRADE" box "YES" if an applicant meets ALL requirements for a license. Applicants who have no license and qualify for a first license (such as Technician) but do not upgrade to a higher class license are considered to have upgraded.

Use the "Class" box to Indicate the class of license held by the applicant after the exam session, pass or fail. (Use N=None, T=Technician, G=General, A=Advanced and E=Extra Class) If no upgrade occurred, just write in the applicant's current license class.

If more than one Manifest page is used, enter the "Page Total" and the "Grand Total - All Pages." The number of "Applicants Upgrading" is the is the total number of applicants that are to be granted a license by the FCC. The "Failed to Upgrade" is the number of applicants tested who are not to be issued a new license. The "Total Applicants" is the sum of these two figures.

The number of "Elements Passed" is the is the total number of exam elements that were passed by all applicants at your session The "Elements Failed" is the number of exam elements attempted but not passed. The "Total Elements" is the sum of these two figures.

The "Test Fee" to be sent to the W5YI-VEC is the "Total Applicants" examined at the session (pass or fail) times $7.00 per applicant. A personal check or money order should be made payable to "W5YI-VEC" and attached to the front of the Manifest for the W5YI-VEC portion of Expense Reimbursement (see Section 2.3, for details.)

The Contact VE and other VEs who participated in the exam session should sign the Manifest form at the bottom and record their call signs and VE serial numbers.

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