May 27, 2018
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VE Manual : Transmitting Sessions/Application Data to W5YI-VEC
IMPORTANT: To qualify for electronic filing submission the CVE and team must have a proven track record of error-free session filing by normal paper means. We do not automatically honor all requests for electronic filing access and may deny access to this program for any reason. When filing electronically, you are entering data / information on your keyboard which will actually be submitted to the FCC for license grant in ULS. Although W5YI-VEC carefully reviews all session data and application data, we can't readily detect misspellings of names, dates, places, addresses, etc. It is extremely important that you be careful when you key the information into the electronic forms from the paper 605s. Proof everything three or four times before you press the "Submit" button.

Be meticulous! If there is any doubt about an applicant's information, DO NOT electronically file the 605. Attach a note of explanation and send it to us by mail with the session paperwork. We screen your session/application data and retransmit it to the FCC normally within 24-48 hours from the time we receive it, and the FCC issues a call sign within a 1-2 hours of our transmittal, so any mistakes result in big headaches for W5YI-VEC and the FCC to correct. VE to VEC Electronic filing means quick turnaround, but there is no room for error!

IMPORTANT: Do not transmit the same session or application form twice unless you call the W5YI-VEC Office first and notify us that you are sending the session again. During business hours: 817-860-3800. During non-business hours contact us by email at w5yi-vec@w5yi.org .

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