April 20, 2018
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VE Manual : 12. The Telecommunications Act of 1996

... signed into Public Law 104-104 by President Clinton on February 8, 1996 removed many of the burdensome conflict-of-interest, record keeping and financial certification requirements previously imposed on VEs and VECs.
The following Part 97 Rules were abolished.

97.509(b)(5) Precluded VEs from being involved in the manufacture or distribution of amateur station transmitting equipment or the publication or distribution of license preparation materials

97.521(e) Precluded VECs from being involved in the manufacture of distribution of amateur station transmitting equipment or the publication or distribution of license preparation materials "...unless a persuasive showing is made to the FCC that preventative measures have been taken to preclude any possible conflict of interest."

97.527(c)(d) (e) & (f) This rule previously required VEs and VECs to keep out-of-pocket expense records for a period of 3 years and to file a written certification annually with the FCC verifying "...that all expenses for the period from January 1 to December 31 of the preceding year for which reimbursement was obtained were necessary and prudently incurred." VECs were required to disaccredit any VE who failed to provide this certification and to so advise the FCC
NOTE: There are no longer any regulatory prohibitions preventing VEs or VECs from distributing license preparation materials (with or without profit) to anyone or from being employed by a company that manufactures or sells amateur radio station equipment. VEs may also conduct amateur radio license training classes (with or without compensation) and may participate as one of the three VEs examining the students. You may NOT, however, require examinees to pay any additional cost to take an examination -- such as for license preparation materials, attendance at a meeting or hamfest ...or attending training classes for which additional fees are charged. Applicants are to be administered Amateur license examinations without paying costs in excess of the currently established (expense reimbursement) fee.

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