April 20, 2018
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VE Manual : VE Manual
The W5YI-VEC 2016
Volunteer Examiner's Manual
Copyright: 1984, 2016 The W5YI-VEC. Arlington, Texas All Rights Reserved

A complete guide covering the examination of applicants under the W5YI-VEC Program for all ham radio licenses
This guide is published as a detailed explanation of the policies and procedures used in the W5YI-VEC Program. The VE/VEC System tests applicants for all classes of Amateur licenses. As a VEC, we feel it is highly important that Volunteer Examiners are well informed of the rules and regulations applicable to the VE/VEC System. Every accredited examiner should be thoroughly versed on all sections of Part 97 regarding the VE/VEC system.
Administering examinations in the Amateur Service is not difficult...but there are certain things you MUST know. This manual is intended to cover even the most special cases!
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