May 23, 2018
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NRE : Examiner News

FCC Adopted New Question Pools for Elements 7, 7R, and 9 - Effective JUNE 10, 2013

The FCC has announced the adoption of new question pools for Commercial Elements 7, 7R, and 9. These 3 question pools cover basic radio law and operating practice; for the Restricted GMDSS, GMDSS Operator and GMDSS Maintainer. These new pools use the new approach to the examinations as the new pools use Key Topic areas (sub-element sections) for question selections to make sure that every exam covers all of the important areas with which a license applicant should be familiar. These new questions pools reflect changes in GMDSS technology and techniques that have occurred since the last Element 7 pool was released in August 2006 and effective February 1, 2007. This is the first time Element 9 has been updated since the original release in 1996, 17 years ago.

The NEW Element 7 Question Pool contains 600 total questions and is subdivided into10 Key Topics of 6 questions each. The exam contains 100 questions taken at random from the 600 questions in the pool. There are no diagrams or schematics for the 2013 Element 7/7R Pool.

The NEW Element 7R Question Pool contains 300 total questions, grouped into a total of 50 Key Topics. Each Key Topic contains 6 questions, with one exam question taken from each Key Topic. The Element 7R written examination will consist of 50 questions.

The NEW Element 9 Question Pool contains 300 total questions and is subdivided into 7 Key Topics. The examination consists of 50 questions taken at random from the 7 Key Topics. There are no diagrams or schematics in the new Element 9 pool.

New ComExam 7.0 Software is available now for download and a hard copy CD by mail to all active Test Center Mangers.
All exams given on or after June 10, 2013 must be from the new 2013 pools using COMEXAM 7.0 Software.

If you have not been active in commercial testing during the last 2 years you should contact our office immediately to update your information and discuss your status as an examiner should you wish to resume offering commercial examinations.

National Radio Examiners has the NEW 2013 Element 7 and 9 Pools published together in spiral bound booklet publication available for purchase if you wish to have one for reference. In the FCC Public Notice authorized a 6 month transition period for COLEMs (Commercial Operator License Examination Managers) to move from the current pools to the new pools. All NRE exams given on or after June 10, 2013 must be from the new 2013 pools using COMEXAM 7.0 Software.

Other NRE Commercial Radio License NEWS.....

Effective May 20, 2013, FCC the long awaited Report & Order issued January 8, 2013 and finalized by publication in the Federal Register on April 18, 2013, states the FCC will no longer issue New First, Second, or Third Class RadioTelegraph Operator Certificates.

The NEW (T) License - RadioTelegraph Operator License will be issued as a lifetime license., with no expiration date. Applicants must pass the written FCC Elements 1 and 6 only,(ELEMENT 5 is discontinued) and telegraphy Elements 1 & 2. Photographs are no longer required to be submitted for the issue of a new license, or for renewal . All existing 1st and 2nd Class T1, T2 Licenses, upon renewal, will be converted to a new LIFETIME RadioTelegraph Operator License (T). Prior holders of T3, 3rd Class RadioTelegraph Licenses will be issued an MROP upon renewal.

There will be revised Proof of Passing Certificates available that refects the new RadioTelegraph Operator (T) License and dropping of Element 5 as an examination element. SAMPLE (link)

There is a new FCC 605 Form - dated May, 2013 SAMPLE (link) that also reflects the new RadioTelegraph Operator (T) License. Due to the very limited number of RadioTelegraph Operator Licenses issues, you may use up existing 605 forms and PPCs on hand before ordering the new versions from our office.

Thank you for your continued support of the FCC Commercial Licensing System through National Radio Examiners.


Larry Pollock
National Radio Examiners



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