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February 13, 2016
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W5YI : BSA Radio Merit Badge

Gordon West -Teach with the Best!

Amateur Radio & the Radio Merit Badge
If you are teaching the BSA Radio Merit Badge and also want to teach amateur radio to your Scouts, the Gordon West- W5YI Instructor Program offers you all the resources necessary to prepare your scouts for their first FCC Amateur Radio License.

GET STARTED TODAY... “Teaching with the Best

Earning the Radio Merit Badge is an important pursuit for Scouts who wish to get started learning electronics and radio communications. There is no better way to learn both while having fun through the hobby of ham radio. Not only will your Scouts earn their Radio Merit Badge, they also can earn their entry-level Technician Class FCC license. Becoming a Technician Class amateur radio operator will provide them with the opportunity to enjoy a life-long hobby, and to actively participate in public service and emergency radio communications on a volunteer basis.

The W5YI Group and Amateur Radio author Gordon West, WB6NOA, have developed a Ham Instructor Program that provides you with FREE resource materials for teaching the entry-level amateur radio Technician Class License. These materials include:

* FREE Technician Class Instructor Guide that will help you organize and begin teaching your amateur radio course. Even if you’re not a licensed amateur radio operator, you’ll find this teaching aid easy to use and understand.

Download your copy of Gordo's FREE Instructor Guides - PDF:
2010-2014 - Element 2 Technician Class Instructor Manual
The Instructor Guide highlights the latest Radio Merit Badge requirements and shows Merit Badge activities that are related to amateur radio. The Guide provides a course outline for teaching with the Gordon West Technician Class book, has many suggestions for in-class demonstrations, and includes fill-in-the-blank homework to encourage pre-study.

* FREE Power Point presentations for download that parallels the
Gordon West Technician Class Study Manual.

Download your copy of W5YI FREE Instructor Power Point Presentations at HamInstructor.com

This teaching aid will help you focus your students as you work through the Technician Class license exam questions and answers, and review Gordo’s fun, education answer explanations.

* FREE additional support materials including a free copy of
Getting Started in Electronics by Forrest Mims III, comprehensive Band Plan Charts that explains ham radio frequency privileges, and other helpful teaching aids.

As a Registered Instructor with the Gordon West / W5YI Ham Instructor Program, using our study manuals, software, audio courses, and other study aid textbooks, you are entitled to discounts on quantity purchases of study materials.

Teaching with the Best with Gordon West...has never been so easy!

Become a Register Ham Radio Instructor TODAY! at www.haminstructor.com and download our FREE Instructor Guides for teaching amateur radio, and receive a FREE Instructor patch by mail.

Call 800-669-9594 for more information about how you can be prepared
to teach your Scouts about the worldwide hobby and service of amateur radio.
W5YI Group - Arlington, Texas - 76011

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