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April 23, 2018
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FCC ULS : Code of Federal Regulations (regarding FRN's)

Here are the new FRN Rules. We have edited out the parts that do not apply to the Amateur Radio Service.

Code of Federal Regulations is amended as follows:


Subpart W – FCC Registration Number

§ 1.8001 FCC Registration Number (FRN).
§ 1.8002 Obtaining an FRN.
§ 1.8003 Providing the FRN in Commission filings.
§ 1.8004 Penalty for failure to provide the FRN.
§ 1.8001 FCC Registration Number (FRN).

The FCC Registration Number (FRN) is a 10-digit unique identifying number that is assigned to entities doing business with the Commission.

The FRN is obtained through the Commission Registration System (CORES) over the Internet at the CORES link at http://www.fcc.gov/omd or by filing FCC Form 160.

§ 1.8002 Obtaining an FRN.

The FRN must be obtained by:

• anyone doing business with the Commission, including but not limited to anyone required to pay statutory charges;

• anyone applying for a license, including someone who is exempt from paying statutory charges.

(1.) When registering for an FRN through the CORES, an entity’s name, entity type, contact name and title, address, and taxpayer identifying number (TIN) must be provided. For individuals, the TIN is the social security number (SSN).

Information provided when registering for an FRN must be kept current by registrants either by updating the information on-line at the CORES link at http://www.fcc.gov/omd or by filing FCC Form 161 (CORES Update/ Change Form).

FCC Form 160 CORES Manual Registration Form of Form 161, CORES Update/Change Form may be obtained either at http://www.fcc.gov/formpage.html or by calling the FCC's Form Distribution Center at 1-800-418-FORM [3676].  Mailing instructions are found on the form.

An FRN may be assigned by the Commission, which will promptly notify the entity of the assigned FRN.

§ 1.8003 Providing the FRN in Commission Filings.

The FRN must be provided with any filings requiring the payment of statutory charges, anyone applying for a license, including someone who is exempt from paying statutory charges, and anyone paying any other payment.

A list of applications and other instances where the FRN is required will be posted to the FCC Internet site and linked to the CORES page.

§ 1.8004 Penalty for Failure to Provide the FRN.

Electronic filing systems for filings that require the FRN will not accept a filing without the appropriate FRN. If a party seeks to make an electronic filing and does not have an FRN, the system will direct the party to the CORES website to obtain an FRN. Filings subject to the FRN requirement and submitted without an FRN will be returned or dismissed.

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