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April 20, 2018
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FCC ULS : What does the new FRN mean for current ULS licensees?
On October 23, 2001 the FCC released another Public Notice about the use of the new FCC Registration Numbers (FRN) effective December 3, 2001. The current ULS login screen that requires your TIN (Tax Payer Identification Number ...which for individuals is your Social Security Number) and ULS password will be changed. The new login screen will allow you to enter either your TIN or FRN and will require your CORES password. For radioamateurs, your CORES password will be the same as your current ULS password.

The FCC recommends that you begin using your FRN to login on December 3 but you will still be able to continue using your TIN for an indefinite period of time.

If you choose to login with your TIN, the system will query CORES to locate the FRN associated with that TIN, and the following message will be displayed: "Your FCC Registration Number (FRN) is ##########. Please record this FRN and use it instead of your TIN for all future transactions with the FCC." Your FRN will appear in place of the hatch marks. Click "OK" to continue.

For those amateurs who have over the last two years been registered in ULS, most of them have been assigned and have an FRN associated with their TIN/ULS registration. The FCC plans to "auto-register" those radioamateurs presently registered in ULS but who do not yet have an FRN prior to the December 3rd launch date. When the transition to CORES has been completed, your FRN will appear in place of the Licensee ID on the ULS License Search results screen. After December 3rd, all amateurs will be automatically registered and receive an FRN as part of the renewal, modification or new licensee process. You can also register in CORES before you hold an amateur license.

You may also register with the Commission Registration System (CORES) and receive an FRN number by clicking the "Register in CORES" button and selecting ‘Register and receive your FRN' on the CORES Home Page." After completing your registration, you will be presented with a link back to the ULS TIN/Call Sign registration login page where you can provide the appropriate call sign.

Another important change for current users is that updating information in CORES (such as an address change) does not update this information in ULS. You must file an "Administrative Update" (AU) application to update information pertaining to your license.

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